8 Facts about Drones - All You Need To Know

1. The first to build drone was Israel, with Israel Aerospace Industries heading the charge in terms of export numbers.

2. Drones are becoming more and more popular for weddings because it's giving 360 degree view of their day to couples.

3. Amazon is really using drones for its daily delivery services, the Prime Air Service offers you to get your product delivered in 30 minutes via UAVs.

4. Drones are also working as a life-saving vehicle to deliver food, medicines, and important things for livelihood during any natural calamity to unreachable places.

5. Creates the revolution in the farming world, by using drones farmers can easily see their crops while having tea and they can get full details about the crops and damages(if there any)/

6. Cops are using drones for surveillance and sting operations. Drones are really helpful for Cops because they can easily patrol the whole area without worrying about the roads and traffic.

7. Domino's are trailing drones for their delivery process. Drones make delivery process really easy and fast.

8. Drones controlling is one of the trending jobs nowadays if you know to fly the drones, many companies will give you good salary for this work.

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