What is the Most Important Thing in one's life?


What is the most important thing in you love in your life?

Is it money, your own life, Luxurious life with every fantasy or family


Do comment below!

We ourselves don't know what we are living for. Why we are spending our whole time to make money or to make others happy. Why are we getting married and doing all those things which are don't like us somewhere in our mind?

For me, whatever we do, we are doing it for our family. The family is the most priceless gift the mankind has ever achieved. People try their best to make their family happy.

Now the trend has completely changed. We are not taking care of our family like before. The money has made everyone's mind freeze. Not only money, the fake fantasies, and conventions made everyone to live for something else.

We think we are doing the right thing to set up our future. We work all day night to make our future secure. Obviously, worrying about your future is totally the right thing but what is the meaning of the secure future if you don't have your relatives to enjoy.

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Happiness is always something which makes you feel secure. If you have lots of money and not having your family, that money is like a dust.

Our first priority should always be our family if they are right and if you are in a middle of something and completely out of mind so just ask your conscience, you will get the answer immediately.



Money and all these fantasies are just the illusionary part of our life so make them chase you. If you will chase them, then you know what will be the consequences. We have got tons of examples around us.

So at last, You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.