The world of electronics and computers is changing and renewing every day. Here you can follow new developments in the field of new products to purchase or share opinions about a new product that you have purchased or an innovative idea, a new trend in the field of electrical appliances, a new resolution on television or wearable devices, What is new in Korea or China and what in the US In the field of computers we see every day robotics robots and bots, new computer programs and the world becomes wearable computers and biological computing cars become smart and the next revolution is fast approaching and it is unlike any other revolution, textile revolution or We are changing the direction every day in the rapid globalization and accessibility that reaches all over the world. Online purchases are the future for all of us.

A product that is difficult to obtain in a country accessible from all over the world at a record speed of less than a week to Israel. We are still dealing with the last mile of shipping. Or stray)

Everyone can write an article (no advertisement can be given a short credit) or share a product opinion in fair and pleasant language Also criticism will be accepted to share a picture or a film of a new product Qualitative articles and more inquiries can be mailed to serve you.

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