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Car and transport related to the use of all vehicles driven primarily by internal combustion engines, including cars, motorcycles and tractors. Car or automobile industry and all other related issues used in passenger cars and trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles, scooters or scooters. Development of automobile industry and the entire transport network which also has a direct impact on the economy of the world.


The development of the automotive industry involves the need to develop all the elements that allow for the use of appropriate infrastructure for roads, gas stations, garages, parking spaces and parking spaces, but also educated engineers who will be able to improve vehicle technology. The development of the composition industry is very important for the person through the general availability and relatively low prices contributed to a very mobile company.


Today there is no transportation that serves not only to satisfy human needs, but also helps in the implementation of holiday programs or entertainment. The world of transportation is changing from day to day, we started in Gilgal, and we moved to a smart car. What else is expected of us in the future? Here you will find a place for discussion on transportation, motorcycles, cars, trucks, new technologies in the field of equipment to renovate and improve the composition of car accessories, spare parts and kits for improving the car, on the social network at the link below.


You can share new experiences, photos of a car you have purchased. Have you seen or wanted to ask a question? We will deal with questions about the future of transportation and drivers in the new era. Today, when there is a smart car What will happen to the taxi driver What will happen to the truck driver Will the profession disappear and what are the employment solutions Travel car owners and club members find a nice place to share car dealerships and motorcycles who want to publish an article about a new engine or a new model are invited to do so.


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