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Niloosoft is a software company that provides its customers with advanced SAAS solutions for recruitment, human resources management (HRMS) and customer relationship management (CRM).
We are one of the fastest growing and most successful SAAS provider in the field of recruitment and human resources, with hundreds of customers who benefit from our services every day.
Today there are hundreds of organizations and personnel recruitment agencies using the Niloosoft Hunter HRMS
The Niloosoft Hunter HRMS has highly advanced capabilities and can handle enormouse amounts of data.
The solutions offered by Niloosoft are intended for use by HR departments in companies and enterprises -  recruiting personnel to fill positions within the organization.

Niloosoft's Hunter lets our customers automatically handle their entire resume inflow, manage their whole recruitment processes and customer relationships through our applicant tracking system (ATS), fulfilling the special needs of any recruitment process.
Niloosoft was the first to create a recruitment system which is completely Internet based, making it the first software program utilizing the SAAS model in the field of recruitment and human resources.

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